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Honestly, as someone who has owned three pairs of Beats headphones so far… I suggest ditching the brand entirely… They’re overpriced for the quality of item you get.

I bought a used pair of Beats Solo 3 headphones online a long time ago, they broke a few months later; but were luckily warrantied since they weren’t too old yet… A few months later, the OEM Refurbished pair broke; had the -same- issue they had just repaired three months prior…

I sold the broken replacement pair to someone locally, then gave up on the brand and began searching for other headphones. Then a few weeks later, I got offered a deal that was too good to pass up from one of my co-workers…  Ended up getting a pretty much brand new pair of Solo  Pro’s for $100 off of him, so I bought them. Admittedly, I rarely ever touch them now just because I’ve realized Beats’ headphones aren’t worth the hype… They don’t sound as good as a lot of the cheaper units you can find online.