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Well, since that tablet is long since outdated, no longer supported, is very old, and that model had some known issues and can be purchased (could be purchased a few years back) on eBay for considerably less than a repair (if a repair shop would even repair that old of a device), I would not write off Samsung just for that!  It was a good tablet while it lasted.

Mine stopped working, if I can recall, in 2015, and I did take mine to a repair shop to no avail. I called around and was consistently told, “We don’t repair tablets.”

I considered my tablet a loss and purchased another off eBay for $40 back in 2015. Eventually, that tablet fell victim to the same issue: Wouldn’t power on. I gave up and purchased a brand new, different model Samsung tablet. I still have and used that one.

Lastly, unless you’re a fix-it person or know of someone who would be happy to help ya look at your tablet, expect a repair done by anyone who thinks they can fix it but might not be able to, to cost you more than you would care to pay (I’m assuming) for any repair. Back when my tablet went bad, I did find a shop who also told me no tablet repairs, but they’d still look at it anyway. They called me in advance to quote an obnoxously high repair cost and, without guarantee it would work. They told me they can’t tell by looking, that they have to purchase parts, install and see if that is the issue, If not, they’d try another part…and so on. At that time already They’d quoted a price of nearly $200.

I chose to cut my loss early and move on.