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iPhone touchscreen unresponsive, but touch to wake is working


Recently, I bought a refurbished Iphone xs, The screen went unresponsive and it only works for a short while. I found a solution to which is to turn off the Icloud drive in the settings.

Now a month later I recently dropped my phone and the unresponsive touchscreen showed up again. The same as before, unresponsive touchscreen and it only works sometimes and only for a short while. I tried doing the same remedy as before but this time it didn’t work.  Since the middle part of the screen got hit by my computer mouse from the drop, I’m assuming it is a loose digitizer or another hardware problem. But the catch is that, the phone’s touch to wake function still works so I am thinking that it is a software problem.

also to mention that It has a non apple battery so the “non genuine apple battery” messages are appearing frequently (if this is connected to the problem).

any answers will be appreciated


iPhone XS