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Origineel bericht door: Tony ,


Overheating after thermal paste change


As the post title implies, I changed the thermal paste on my mid-2012 15” MacBook Pro, but it’s still overheating. Figures coming from Macs Fan Control (Core temperature, average):

Before: 70c idle, 80-90c active[br]

After: 50c idle, 60-70c active

What really worries me is that watching YouTube in 720p (as it can easily do), shoots the temp to 100c, and even with fans at max blast it still only keeps to 90c ish.

I cleaned all the dust out, and the new paste is Arctic MX-4. What’s going on and why is this happening?


Intel Core i7 (4 core, 8 thread, 2.20GHz)[br]

16GB DDR3 1600MHz[br]

500GB SSD, DVD drive replaced with 500GB original hard drive[br]

Intel HD 4000 1.5GB + NVIDIA GeForce GT650M 512Mb graphics[br]

15” non-retina screen


MacBook Pro 15" Unibody Mid 2012