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Origineel bericht door: Noah ,


Freezing issues in both in and out of game


Hi, I just set up my PS4 yesterday and having a lot of problems since from the start in menu and in game. [br]

Error codes that have been seen: CE-32899-1, NP-31730-4, CE-33380-7, CE-36329-3

Everything that I have noticed:

-when in game the game keeps freezing (happens in every game tried so far) sound continues playing but image freezes. Happens every few seconds. This even happens in menu.

* Very long load options in game and in menu
* during little big planet 3 the game crashes with it being stuck on a word and keeps repeating it

these issues have rendered it pretty much impossible to have fun playing on it. Any help is appreciated.

what I have tried so far:

* powered off and un plugged the power for a few minutes
* tried to reboot it also
* results from doing this was the error code of CE-36329-3.  Before that The screen also went black for a few minutes after failing to load the full menu and being frozen on menu
* now tried to initialise it and start from scratch but so far it doesn’t seem to have fix the problems

any ideas of what else I could try? [br]

for context was bought off eBay second hand as a Christmas present for me and was described in great condition, the console itself has a receipt of being bought in early 2019


PlayStation 4 Pro