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New router no wireless w ethernet - Mac to Brother mfc-736


My printer is actually a Brother mfc-736 - before I upgraded my internet and got a new router last week, the printer connected to my wireless network via ethernet - and I could print remotely/ wirelessly from my Mac air.  Now I can’t do that.

I have tried to reset the network on the printer - but it didn’t work and all the answers I have found online only relate to resetting a wireless connection - this old trusty printer is not wireless and ethernet has always been the work around.

Is there someone out there who knows what the problem might be?  I read on an earlier thread (03/07/17 by vaidya “'''If you've recently switched from 2.4GHz to 5GHz wifi - this is the problem! Brother printers cannot connect to 5GHz wifi….”''' with a suggestion to request the internet provider  '''“split the combined network into two separate networks, a 2.4GHz one and a 5GHz one - then connect your printer to the 2.4GHz!”'''

Is this what I need to look into?  Not even sure this is an option.  Can someone let me know if it is possibly to add this computer to my network via ethernet?


Brother MFC-7820N