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Origineel bericht door: Michelle Mejia ,


Replacement battery won´t hold a charge and stays at 1%


I bought a new battery from iFixIt and finished installing last night. I didn’t have my power brick with me so I assumed that the new battery was completely discharged since my MacBook Pro wouldn’t power back on. I plugged it in this morning and powered it up. Everything booted up normally but I noticed that the battery wouldn’t go above 1%. When I unplugged it from power it shut down and I had to walk through the start up process once again once I plugged it back in.

I searched the forums and walked through resetting the SMC and PRAM. I opened it back up again to double check the cables were completely connected and I visually didn’t notice anything out of order. Is there anything else I can try or might I have a bad replacement possibly?

I did download coconutBattery. I’m attaching a screenshot from the app along with my Power System Settings dialog box. Anyone have any other ideas?



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