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Origineel bericht door: Turd Ferguson ,


Here's the situation folks. I encountered the same problem. I called the Samsung tech line spoke to a representative and after a half-hour of troubleshooting I was sent to the technical support representative who told me that the only way to solve the problem was to send my device to a Samsung Service Center to have the software flashed again. I told them that I own this phone and that all I did was a standard factory reset and now I can't get in. I was told by Samsung that there's nothing I can do as the user. They insisted I send it to a Samsung Service Center. It is my opinion that after years of people having this problem Samsung should have fixed it, but Samsung makes money by having users send their phone to the service center and ultimately end up buying another Samsung phone if this does not work. Samsung is making money off of our misery. I found a permanent solution: I took my phone outside, gently placed it upon the ground, picked up a rock several hundred times the size of the cell phone and crushed it. One user up in the comments said sell it on Let Go and have it some become someone else's problem but this is unethical and b*******. I wonder how long it is before the Samsung phone I have now does this to me. I'm done with Samsung I'm switching to Windows phone.