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Origineel bericht door: amiller770 ,


I’ve searched quite a bit on this problem over the past year+, and haven’t found any solution that works for me. Some have gotten ''temporary'' white spot elimination by using a 2-3” suction cup and pulling up on the glass a little. That didn’t help mine.  My original iPad Pro 10.5” developed the problem after over 6 mo.’s old, but I waited until 1 week before the warranty expired to take it to an Apple store for warranty replacement, which they did with no problem. However, the replacement developed '''2''' white spots after the 6 mo. warranty on it expired. I’ve learned to ignore it as best as I can since it’s only visible on white backgrounds (& I do a l of reading on my iPad).  I ''have'' hoped for a class action lawsuit so Apple  would offer an extended warranty replacement for this problem.