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Origineel bericht door: NiccaJD ,


Infinite restart chime loop


Hi, [br]

I have this macbook mini, I did replace the hdd with ssd, started to install the latest mac os (this was 3 years ago) and all the sudden something happend, I am not sure if it turns off or stuck on installing, but I remember i did try to reboot but since then and today still doest this infinite restart chime loop.[br]

Check the video:[br]

It gives 0 signal to the monitor.

So basically I did almost everything I could read on internet to fix, as I am working with pc hardwares, I did try to change ram, try it without ram, change new ssd,  try it without it, remove the power cable let it like that for 1 hour, plug in, didn’t work, remove all cables, wifi antena, everything plug in, and never make it to work again. So, as far as I know this could not be an hardware issue, what else could be I don’t really know, I am not good with macs, I heard some people saying its a EFI Flash is corrupted.[br]


If anyone can help me figure out what could I do with it.[br]

Here where I live we dont have an official apple service I was thinking if its repear-able where could i send it and how much would cost…[br]


Thank you





Mac Mini Late 2012