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We have a discussion threat here


Also I have a thread on Apple forum with another person, but lots information have been deleted by moderator, so I will not put the link here.

Basically, it’s been found to happened among almost all non 9.7” iPad Pro. The other guy believe it’s a hardware issue, but I have a different opinion.

Most people report this issue after using the iPad Pro for a while, which indicates a high chance of software problem, which I concur as after reinstalling my iPad Pro 12.9 2nd gen LTE under DFU mode, the touch issue improved significantly. Also, I have spotted tons of bugs and issues from my iPhone and iPad use. My iPhone XS has difficult time to rotate screen, there are ghost keyboard after unlocking, my iPad Pro would suddenly change it’s position when I didn’t rotate my iPad, and so many more. Considering iOS 11 has severe issue that Apple has to solely improve the fluency using ios 12, this is not surprised.

That being said, ,it’s most likely the cumulated software issue caused this problem, BUT, there is more.

When I lean the iPad on my belly in a sitting position and use my iPad, I noticed unresponsive issue. When I touch the iPad with right pointing finger while other fingers touching iPad edge, this issue often happens. This could indicate a hardware quality issue. It works, but its noise resistance is poor.

Basically, I am 90% sure this is the case. Whole integrity is not a problem, the inside structure layout is not an issue. Most possible reason: It’s the software’s poor quality combining the touch sensor that caused the issue. I have met replacement iPad Pro that didn’t work at all when I was in Apple store and I have found this issue happening after using my iPad flawlessly for a while.

OK, after nagging for this long, what’s the solution?

# Try to eliminate your carrying static electricity by often touching grounded items. I use the screws on light switches. This would reduce the interference on touch sensor.
# Backup your documents and photos. Save them to somewhere you can access WITHOUT iPad. Use DFU mode to completely reinstall iOS. Download the iOS for your model from a trustable source, enter DFU mode, shift select restore then select the downloaded iOS firmware. When it’s done, DO NOT RESTORE the backup. It will re-introduce any possible issue.

I believe this is the only solution WE COULD DO. Apple has to re-design the whole $@$*!& package to get rid of the problem permanently. However,  current Apple won’t give a ssss cuz the issues are only bothering a “small amount” people.

My suggestion is: try what I said, figure out a way of minimizing the issue, and move on. This little issue from Apple doesn’t deserve so much attention from you. This will be my last time answering touch issue related question.

Have a great one my friend.