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Origineel bericht door: suprapto ,


I had similar experience, when I replaced my old battery, the replacement battery didn't want to charge... only displayed bolt signed even after an hour charging. What I did I put my old battery back... and seems the problem solved. In my case, I am sure the replacement battery was bad.

Another step you migt want to try, before you ask or buy another battery replacement or don't wanna use your old battery, is connect your iphone to iTunes on your computer. Check whether you can see anything shown on your iphone other than bolt sign like charging...etc.

One more tip, anything you want to do with opening your iPhone front casing make sure you peel off the three connectors (1 to 3) carefully and gently...they are very fragile, expecially connector number 1... if that tiny black connector detached from its cable ribbon, it's gonna cost you more...replacing the LCD or digitizer.