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cleaning ink absorber is pretty much same for all printers But You have to do it With Proper Equipment & resources. When ink absorber  is Full  Or Overflowing Or the Ink is dry then your Printer may start acting weired & it may end up not Printing. To fix the Problem Please Follow Given steps -

there is diffrent Way of Looking the Issue. Please Visit [|How to Clean Printer Printhead ( '''absorber pads)''']

# '''1-2 Liter of Warm Water'''
# A Pot of Bowl that can contain water along with Print head
# Pure Isopropyl Alcohol Or Neutral Detergent
# Turn off the Canon Printer & disconnect it from Power Cord
# Open the Printer Cover take & carefully Press the Liver to take out the Ink Cartridges & Later Gently Eject the Printhead From the Carriage
#  '''Pour the Warm Water in Bowl & Mix it With Pure Isopropyl Water Or Neutral Detergent & mix it well.'''
# Place the Printhead Into this Mixture With Warm Water & leave it there for 3-4 Minutes
# You Can Also Place Ink Cartridges into the same water & Get it cleaned.
# Just shake the water & Gently Empty the water out of the bowl.
# Pour the Cleaner Warm Water in Bowl again With Alcohol & wash it up one more time

Take out the Printhead Out of the Water & Use Clean Paper towel Or Cotton Cloth to Dry it Out.

Make sure No Water is Left on Printhead on Cartridge & Use a Hot Air Dryer Or Sunlight to Clear out Any Moisture Out these components.