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Origineel bericht door: Mr.Polwath Rojchalermritra ,


My iPhone 4S cannot charge, power on and has weird issue.


Recently, my iPhone cannot powered on at all. However when I tried with power adapter, it can power on and boot iOS but still has multiple apple logo loop before it can access.[br]


When I can access iOS, it blacked out after few minutes which I notice something.[br]

- Battery show 100% charged. I tried with new battery still has same issue.[br]

- Wifi switch greyed out and cannot switch.[br]

- iPhone is pretty warm when powered on.[br]

- When I charged, it still show apple logo loop indefinitely.[br]


But when I tried to connect with PC, only thing I can get is applo logo loop. This time, it cannot manage to boot to iOS at all. Unlike when it connected with power adapter.[br]


Also when I tried to access recovery mode. It show screen for connect itunes but cannot do any restoration at all. And after phone restart, it came back to recovery mode everytime. Unless I have to use third-party software to exit recovery mode.

I also tried to access DFU, which is no success at all.[br]


So what I can do from now? I tried to flash this phone and restore with itunes, all of them failed. And I cannot find any cause of a problem at all.


iPhone 4S