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2000 Toyota Tundra Crank / No Start


I have a 2000 Toyota Tundra v8 4.7L 2x2 that  is cranking like a champ but will not catch and start. I have tried  replacing the fuel filter but that did help. A friend removed the fuel  pump relay and laid a wire across and we heard the fuel pump turn on,  tried to start it then but still no start. Went ahead and replaced the  fuel pump relay but again, no change.  I ran my code tester on it but  the only code it gave me was P0420, catalytic below threshold in bank 1.  Pulled spark plug and tested for spark, had spark. Do not have any RPM  when trying to start. I have been told all sorts of possibles, camshaft  sensor, crankshaft sensor, etc. but before just randomly replacing any  more parts, I figured I'd try tossing this problem out on a Toyota  expert forum. So anyone here have any advice?[br]

Thank you for any suggestions you may have!


Toyota Tundra