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Origineel bericht door: ccmccalmont15 ,


TL;DR Take out the batteries in your firestick remote, it could be turning on/off your tv!

We have a 55 inch vizio tv and this power cycling issue was happening to us. We tried all the button holding and unplugging methods suggested in numerous posts, to no avail.

We are fix-it types, so we decided to disassemble the tv down to every last screw to check for a possible fried hardware issue. Nothing there either. We were considering replacing the power board until we read this post…Finally came across someone in this thread  saying it could be an issue with the firestick remote and EUREKA! Taking out the batteries of the remote and putting them back in fixed the problem! Not sure how long this quick fix will work, but glad to know this was the solution before we spent money on a (or many) powerboard(s) or even a new TV.  Thank you to those who suggested it! Hope it helps others!