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Origineel bericht door: obetolulope ,


So I had this same issues, read your solutions here, disconnected the earpiece and phone booted up fine. But a little backstory -

my iPhone X first got water damaged a month after I got it new, kept using it like that cos all that went bad was Face ID . [br]

then many months and a few drops after, back glass and display broke so I decided to replace the entire chassis / hosing and display. While pulling the phone apart, I broke the loudspeaker connector attached to lightning port / charging port flex- bought a cheap replacement and put the phone back together then it got stuck on the boot loop. [br]

so I’m trying to understand what exactly causes this, I didn’t damage the earpiece so why is disconnecting the earpiece the solution?

if I buy a different earpiece, will it work ?

what did the rest of you do to your phones that got it stuck on the boot loop ?