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Origineel bericht door: Jeromy Rew ,


Set TWO might be a mono subwoofer output which would only need 2 pins. If set TWO is a stereo output, it might use the same signal ground as set ONE. So the 2 pins in set TWO are the positive connections, and set ONE and set TWO share a common (negative) signal ground.

This is just a guess, so you’ll need to check and make sure. Assuming these are all truly low-level preamp outputs, you should be able to test these out relatively easily with little risk of damage. Try running the pins from the preamp output of the radio to the positive (center pin) input of your amp. Then connect the negative (outer ring) input of the amp to ground. This might not have good sound quality, but it will at least help you troubleshoot which radio pin goes to what channel. Just be sure to not connect any of the radio pins to ground. If there’s a preamp pin that’s labeled negative or “ground” on the radio, then it’s probably a common negative connection for all the preamp outputs. That one pin can be used for all your preamp channels and - again - don’t connect any of the radio’s preamp pins to ground ( :>) ).