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Note 9 wont turn on. Left on 0% charge


Hello, I have note 9 sm n960u and its not turning on completely dead. No light no vibration nothing. I have tried all troubleshooting steps tried many different cable wireless chargers and everything i possibly could so to fix it but it wont respond. As this device was bought in US and i am not in US any more so i cant send it to service center so i went to a local repair shop and the guy there told me thats its the board dead. Now i have no idea what to do as the device was running perfectly when i kept it aside after complete discharge. I would be glad if anyone can help me with hardware based trouble shooting. I still havent tried new battery as the guy told be thats its with motherboard so should i trust him or try a new battery? Is there any way i can check shortage with multimeter to confirm myself? I would be happpy if someone help me out witht this


Samsung Galaxy Note9