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Origineel bericht door: Piccinich ,


This is a very annoying situation to be in, but I FOUND A SOLUTION!

Luckily got it working again since I felt like it would be forever until I was able to get my Christmas tree lights back up again.

'''I fixed all my Christmas lights that were blinking weird and half the string didn’t light up.'''

'''I did this by following the guide on this blog here'''

That website/blog has all the possible variations of everything that can possibly happen with these lights and how to actually fix them.

Was very very impressed with the details and the images they show.

Even finding the proper fuse to replace is a real pain, but the guide breaks it all down.

You can have 1 weak link in all the strings of Christmas lights and without a proper guide it can be very tough to diagnose the issue.

I really hope everyone has a very very happy holiday season. enjoy the season to be jolly and get those lights back on.

Happy early Christmas Cheer!!!