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Origineel bericht door: Benjamin ,


ifixit is a great place to find help for your problematic electronics so let’s try to keep it organized  for everyone’s sake !

different year and models may have different and or similar behaviours when problems occur and therefore we need to be organized . So please only post in this thread if you have the SAME YEAR MacBook as original post .

Make a new thread with your model and year so it’s easy for other people to quickly find relevant solutions .

Also please keep things factual , your feelings , intuitions and opinions are very important but they just confuse , mislead and bloat the troubleshooting thread ! [br]


year : 2011

Model : MacBook Pro 15inch

version of OS X : 10.4.1

issue : trackpad working but options not showing up in settings


Tried : changing battery

Result : didn’t fix issue

tried : reinstalling operating system 10.4.0

result : successful