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Origineel bericht door: MIKErags915 ,


After months of messing with this issue

I loosened the clamp that holds the drain hose on the side out the disposal outlet .

the pipe that came with the kit was long enough that I got the end over to kitchen faucet spout and blew water pressure backwards through the system . [br]


You could see debris bubbling up in the dishwasher bottom under the water arm . [br]

It ran for approx 30-45 seconds . [br]

I reattached the drain hose , pushed power ,And held the start button down til it cancelled out the last wash cycle and started to drain . [br]

When it finished draining I restarted it . [br]

as it cycled your could hear a loud gurgling sound where I believe the flapper (check valve ) going back through the line was blow back the other direction by the water pressure I forced through the hose .

eventually the gurgling went away when the check valve flapper reset itself . [br]

I have to repeat this procedure every few months to rid the machine of the slightest debris .

In the end this LG dishwasher is a $700 piece of excrement , that doesn’t like washing dirty dishes , it only wants to wash clean dishes . [br]

I had a $199 Whirlpool stripped down model in my last residence that BLASTED hot water everywhere and got the dishes spotless . [br]

This LG unit runs on a quart of water and doesn’t perform half as well ,

it’s a crappy design , unless you enjoy scrubbing your dishes before putting them in the LG ! [br]

Mike R