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Origineel bericht door: Ed F ,


I had the OE error as well on model LDF7561ST.

The motor would try to empty the water from the machine but it didn't sound normal when listening from the sink drain. Not the usual rush of water, then the OE error.

I could force it to finish draining by using the diagnostic mode (from standby - press power, then normal, then Delicate + Normal together for 3 seconds) so I wasn't sure if the motor was bad.

I did the things mentioned by others and from the service sheet that came with our unit:

- ensure the drain hose is clear

- ensure the sink drain connection is clear

- checked the motor resistance is between 4 and 5 ohms

I bought a replacement drain motor and noticed right away that the new motor does not allow the impeller to spin freely and the old one did.

It has been in use for a few weeks now with no signs of trouble.