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Origineel bericht door: jjgochiefs ,


I have a Vizio E55-F0/1.  It would randomly just turn off.  It wasn’t very often, but it happened and was annoying.  I started to try different things.  Someone mentioned the CEC setting and that it should be disabled.  When I disabled it, it shut off more often.  But I noticed that there were three options, enabled, disabled and ARC.  When I looked at the back of my TV, my cable (actually Google Fiber) was plugged into the HDMI 1, which was also labeled [ARC].  So, I went back to the CEC setting and selected the ARC option.  It’s been several days now and it (knock on wood) hasn’t shut off on it’s own yet.  Since I’m a little OCD, I always put my cable/Google Fiber or whatever in HDMI 1.   I have 4 Vizio TVs and this is the only one with CEC and the only one that shuts off by itself.   I hope this is the solution and that it helps others!