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Origineel bericht door: Cortney Reagan ,


How to attach Samsung Galaxy S9 Front Glass



First, I’ll let you know. I am not a fixer, a hobbyist, or technologically savvy at all.

I recently purchased a new front glass for the Galaxy S9 and the Iopener from IFIXIT and have followed all the steps to replace the front glass via their instruction page as well as their youtube channel. Things were off to a rough start with removing the back glass, but eventually, I got it. I followed the subsequent steps and now I am at the final step attaching the front glass.

I can not figure out how to attach the wire strip that comes off the front glass. Is it magnetized? Did I miss a step? Is my phone more damaged than I originally thought? How do we actually connect the front glass to the phone?

I am starting to think that this was a venture too big for me and just waster $200+ dollars to save $70 and now ultimately will have to go buy a new phone.

Any assistance/hope that can be offered will be greatly appreciated.



Samsung Galaxy S9