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Origineel bericht door: Randy ,


I had this “Ghost” problem suddenly appear with my  5 year-old iPad Air.  None of the reset/reboot solutions worked.  I considered a battery  issue, as my laptop battery once swelled enough to impact the touchpad.  So, I prepared to open things up, replace the battery, and apply insulation tape!  I found the battery looked OK and there was already a bit of peripheral insulation.  To my surprise, I found that there were 4 rectangular magnets about 5mm in length each linked end-to-end together with adhesive strip along one side and adherent/stuck to the retaining plate over the LCD cable plug.  I removed them in order to get the LCD unplugged.  I was able to replace the battery and re-assemble my iPad, but could never figure out or find out where these magnets were supposed to be, or what they did.  I assumed that they had become dislodged and found a home on the metallic LCD cover plate and were responsible for the erratic display behavior.  Finding no information about magnets inside the iPad Air, I apprehensively just left them out and crossed my fingers.  After putting everything back together, all is well!