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Origineel bericht door: ERO ,


I have a 2009 Vibe AWD, had the same exact dashboard light problems. I took it to a local repair shop and they sold me a #1 coil repair job.  Ten months later  the same problem and symptom occurred, and they sold me another #1 coil repair job.  Twelve months later, dashboard lit up all over again with same symptoms.  This time I took Vibe to the Dealer and they said car needed a fuel pump, kept my car for 2.5 months saying they couldn’t locate a pump for this old car (and a few times trying to sell me a new car).  Then they located a fuel pump, installed it, and charged me about $950.  During the 2.5 months, I did not get a loaner car.   They said a new pump doesn’t fit my car and they had to locate a used part, which took that long.  I had to wait and it was a winter with deep snow.  Note that a car can drive with a bad fuel pump for a few days or weeks until it finally breaks down.  I did drive it into the dealer ok.

It’s now been about 20  months and the dashboard hasn’t lit up.   I’m aware the car is getting older, 156k on odometer,  but I can’t afford replacement yet.