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Origineel bericht door: Devi D. ,


What an absolute joke.  These should be recalled, Amazon no longer selling new generations while they figure out how to get a charging port to work correctly.  Cheap junk.

PaperWhite, never a problem, still can use.

HD Fire 8 in 7th Generation?  Overpriced coasters!

Not only do they Not charge correctly internally, added an Extra cheap charger slot this time.  Leaving them to break off and you to buy a sodering gun and taking a class how to use one to fix it!

The Volume plus Power does nothing.  Probably Amazon employees on these Boards.

Wiped my entire Kindle, not just stupid button pressing, wiped, deleted the sections on the OS, brand new.

Guess what?  Still doesnt charge!

Amazon gonna help with this?  It is a KNOWN ISSUE.

Say buy yet another Kindle!  Escalation of commitment.

There should be a Class Action brought against Amazon for these garbage hockey pucks they charge $200 for.  They know it's an issue, go spend 8 hours on the phone with their 3rd world CS and see.

Amazon has become an untrustworthy company that offers no true Customer Support, steals from their own Sellers, creates FAKE review of products (see ANY of their own brand reviews-all 5 Stars!), sells counterfeit products then feigns helplessness, rips-off their customers by selling Kindles with a dozen known problems, up to it breaking, they won't help you, but suggest you spend your $$$ to BUY ANOTHER AMAZON KINDLE.