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Origineel bericht door: issacfixedit ,


I did everything and nothing works until I read this page.

Iphone 6, suddenly started losing signal temporary on an evening. 3 hours later, all gone, SEARCHING is what the phone shows.  Brought it to repair shop, they wanted 100USD. (I can buy a refurbished Iphone 7 at just USD200). Apple shop employee was a little more impolite, insisted that Iphone 6 was too old, and that it wouldn’t even receive updates anymore, and I should just buy a new phone. Imagine my reaction, after waiting in queue, only to be told that? I am an active apple user, everything from Macbook, Mac Wifi previously, etc. Anyhow, I google and discovered this page. Since there is literally no hope I did what the page says

# Open SIM card slot, blow into it. Blow onto your simcard, like an old video game
# I took a book, slammed the iphone6 against the book,When I smash the phone onto a book, on the back of the phone, the signal went from “Searching” to “SOS”, hence i tried the front, and it worked better.

#  I bend the phone without being too hard, and breaking it.

# General > Reset > Network Reset
# Airport Mode ON, OFF, ON
# Worked, full strength signal came back after being dead for 5 days. (PS I did network reset before this, and it didn’t work)
# This was written during era when latest phone was Iphone X in 2019.
# My Iphone 6 would have to be thrown away or used for Wifi only services, or I have to pay USD100, so I did the unspeakable - Bang it like an old TV or remote.
# Thank you for this website!