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Origineel bericht door: Tony Valentine ,


Wow, this just started happening to our whirlpool, that’s only 5  years old at the most ! But it seems  ,well my opinion is the pump motor is  getting harder to kick over an then we’ve got the contact of the latch that helps gets that little bit more juice to turn motor over and then the ultimate happens ,in the next few days or weeks, depending on the pumps usage is a complete fail and probably could get some more time by better connections from jimmying the latch to get every last hard start from cheap pump or longer depending on your time. By then we could have done something better with our time like  don’t buy whirlpool anymore. ! That’s that folks, these days nothing is built for long  time anymore.Its sad but true. Disposable appliances. Like the guy posted above, the dishwasher,the French door fridge, I’ve had appliance guy out THREE MONTHS after we purchased it an told them to take it back! NOPE THEY WONT! Now it flooded my house an we already had a claim from hail damage so we almost lost our insurance company of 32 years! Oh an yeah slamming the door on the microwave too! Same here  dude in post above!  screw Whirlpool  . I don’t even wanna get in this game of try an fix my POS for a arm and a leg then dies anyways. Go buy something, hey it’s good for the economy. Lol