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Origineel bericht door: Joe ,


The  computer not booting up could be a windows problem.  Your hdd (hard drive)  could be at 100 percent because the os you are running takes up a lot of space, or that you have too many things running on it at once. I suggest that if you have another drive installed, you could reinstall windows to the other drive. Make sure that the other drive has more storage than the other one because like I said this could be a storage problem.  If you don’t have another drive then you should buy a solid state drive, and use that.  To reinstall windows, go to settings, click on update and security, then click on recovery. There will be a reset this pc option this will let you remove or keep personal files, then reinstalls windows.  If you installed the 2nd drive correctly, the computer should automatically detect the second drive, and ask you which one you want to install windows onto. I suggest that you use the solid state because they are faster than a hard drive, and windows will boot quicker. You can feel the difference.     If you did everything correct, then your pc should boot faster, and with no problems.