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Origineel bericht door: Lexie ,


I have been all over these forums trying to figure out what could possibly be wrong with my tv and nothing seemed to work. House 1 i was on a bottom floor mounted on my wall over a year no issues. House 2 on a wall lots of sunlight with no ac I had issues all day long as soon as spring hit. House 3 I had ac but my tv was between 2 windows I would have problems at certain times of the day and just before sunset. It finally hit me that every time my tv shut off I was also getting up to turn on my ac. I bought a little fan that I keep angled at my tv during the day since the heat/sun seemed to be what was causing it. I did that 6 months ago and I have only had the same issue on days where I forget to turn on the ac and it’s 80-90 outside.