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Just did my screen on my 6+ and a week later

same blue shyt is appearing in the lower mid portion of my screen…to be honest I never cared much for apple products always been PC since Windows 95 & didn’t try an iPhone until my sis offered her old iPhone 4s to me after I broke my new Windows Phone and I fell in luv & after using this outdated 4s from 2014-2016 I finally decided to convert to the Apple Phones fully and go get myself the latest iPhone in 2016 which was the 6s…but it has been having small annoying issues since the day I bought it, thing like the finger print scanner only working about 60% of the time & having to type the pin many times each day, the keypad is shittier then my iphone 4s because i find myself spending much more time backspacing and correcting typos because this 6s will register the wrong key and print the wrong letter all the %#*@ time, then the battery issue it will be at 8%, 10%, even 12% sometimes & just shut off dead….so had to learn quick to plug this POS in every time it gets under 20%…have a few other small annoying issues but yall get the point, there seems to always be some kind of issue with the iphone 6s…all I know is I will not be wasting my money on an iphone again.