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Origineel bericht door: rayclarke743 ,


I have an LG dishwasher since 2013 and it worked with no issues. Recently, June 2019, I got the OE error and could not get rid of it. I called LG for a recommended repair person in my area.  I called the repair person and they came and said the drain pump was bad. He replaced the drain pump and it worked for two weeks then the OE error came back. I called the repair person and could not get him to come back and check why this error is back. So I called LG again and asked for a LG trained technician. They sent a technician and before he came to my house he ordered a new drain pump. When he got to my house he pulled the drain line from the disposal and turn on the dishwasher and it pumped out water. He said it is not the pump it is the control board. He ordered a control board and came back to install it. When he was done he turned on the dishwasher after running for a while the OE error was back. He left before the cycle was completed. I called him and he said the drain line is too low. None of these technicians did any troubleshooting. All they did is change parts. I decided to try and troubleshoot myself. So check this forum and found suggestions to solve the problem. What I did was use my shopvac to suck out the drain line from the end going into the disposal. It sucked out a lot of sediment from over the years in the drain line. After I using the shopvac I turned on the dishwasher and it has worked without any issues since. These technicians only know to change parts and not think through possible solutions. I suspect my dishwasher never needed a new drain pump or a new control board. All that was needed to to clean out the drain line.