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WiFi IC heating up and no WiFi detected?



WiFi IC sometimes heats up so high that I get temperature warning and device shuts down. But after few restarts, phone works fine.. But it can’t detect any wifis.. I turn on wifi and it’s just searching… One time wifi was greyed out but I restored device and now it works but no wifis.. Bluetooth just loading so I can’t use bluetooth too, nothing found.. When I go to settings I have WiFi MAC Adress, it’s not N/A… So I am confused rn, if it’s IC problem, why it has wifi adress and why it sometimes work sometimes doesn’t.. Could antenna cause this problem? For example if it doesn’t work, IC struggle to get some signal and it’s gets too hot.. Idk really.. Thank everyone in advice for helping.[br]

P.S Don’t tell me something like restore it again, take it to apple etc. because i already restored it few times and I don’t have apple store or tehnician with good tools and knowledge in my arena so I am on my own


iPhone 6s Plus