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Lucky you that your tablet carried on for five years. There are lots of us who barely got two years.  I’m guessing you’re out-of-luck by now.

To address your concern of Samsung programming a device to fail, there’s no way they would do that. Come on, why would they sabatoge themselves, especially when their rival, the Apple devices live on nearly forever? Nah, the Note 8.0 was failure.

Something, somewhere, went wrong. There are a lot of things that could have happened, from the motherboard to the rocker switch, a software issue during an upgrade, all the way to simply needing a new battery.  I found many answers but no solutions, and if you bring your tablet to a phone and tablet repair shop, like I did, they just didn’t know what to do much less figure out the problem. Lots of those repair people are pretty wet when it comes to actually knowing enough to figuring it out on that particular tablet problem. I found myself thinking I could have done that, and I already knew that. It was frustrating and annoying watching those repair people pretend to know anything of it.  I’d be more inclined to send it back to Samsung for repair, if they’d even do that “today”.

Unless you want to spend a lot of money on buying and trying replacement parts, which you don’t even know are good when you get them,  it might be time to say G’Nite Gracie.  Sell it for parts or let it go into tablet obscurity, for the Note 8.0 was pretty much a shortlife dud - as beloved as it was to many of us during our particular duration. It’s hard at first, because it started out very lovingly, but letting go gets easier.  ;)

I do, still, sort of, miss mine… even though I haven’ had it useable for a long time. I loved the size, which was my sweet spot for carry about, but that tablet simply wasn’t meant to be, for me.  When my tablet bit the dust for no logical reason (the same as you describe your tablet doing)  I researched the internet, called Samsung, took it to repair shops, then tried some at home fix-it’s, all to no avail. Then I bought a used off Note 8.0 off eBay only to have it happen again to that tablet, close to a year after that purchase. My beloved died twice, and I was, indeed, saddened.

I’m over Android tablets just because of the Note 8.0. I’ll take a Windows 2-in-1 tablet anyday, or even a Samsung Plus Chrombook tablet with built-in pen. Now we’re talkin’ tablets! As for me, I just had to get a bigger purse…