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Origineel bericht door: Bobshell Tech ,


My lovely galaxy note 8.0 is no more lovely. It happened yesterday when I power up but could booth through. It has served me faithfully since Sept, 2014. I shutdown it down Tuesday night but could come not on yesterday when powered. It was about 80% battery when I shutdown. But surprisingly I met it warm the following morning while it is still off. When I power on it showed 24% battery and about 1 minute it shutdown by itself and then it never booth completely again. It stopped at “Samsung GALAXY Note 8.0” screen and keeps displaying it every 4sec. I opened it the first time today to disconnect the battery and back as been suggested, but the same thing. Is that the end of my note 8.0? Can a Tablet be programmed to kill itself after some years of use?

Pls is there any other thing to do to bring it back?