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Origineel bericht door: Tommy Carroll ,


My Vizio 4K has been doing this off and on BS since I bought it. It has nothing to do with system, the power supply, software or extras (HDMI, USB, GFI or powerstrip). I think I finally figured out what the problem is… It's the temperature in the room it's in.  Mine is hung with a celling mount (hot air rises) about 3 feet from my main entry door. Everytime it would happen of course I would first go check the breaker, which I had to go in and out of my front door to do thus letting cooler outside air in resulting in the problem going away. Not know that me opening the door was what was “fixing" the issue wasn't figured out, by me, for over a year. Thank you all for you input, it has helped me to make the decision to never buy Vizio again.

p.s. mine has only ever been hooked up to “bunny ears”, actually I'm using the old cable coaxial cable that was, at one time, used to supply my cabin with cable t.v. as my antenna. (It's 100+feet long from my t.v)