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Origineel bericht door: Andrew ,


Backlight to 63 works for me. Hold mute for a few seconds if the picture turns black. Then after holding the mute button a few seconds the led on the bottoM of the TVs bezel turns back on press the input button to change the hdmi or other plugged in inputs and it should turn back on for a few more seconds or minutes so you can change the backlight to 63 or whichever sweet spot you pick that works for your tv.  63 isn’t terrible but would be nice to see 100% backlight.  You might need to change the led strips or computer chip for the backlight if this continues or gets worse.  You won’t be able to take the tv apart it’s virtually impossible without creation tools ormachines to take the tv screen apart properly.   These parts cost you around 25-60$ to replace but not sure how much labor would cost you.  Estimate price would be around $300-400.00.

good luck everyone.