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Origineel bericht door: Chuka ,



This issue almost drove me mad at a point, but i got the solution finally. This is not a battery or BIOS problem, it is simply a screen problem. Just replace the screen and you are good to go. I changed the battery and the problem persisted, i also uninstalled the USB fast charge app and nothing happened. But when i replaced the screen, all my problems were solved.

How to know it’s a screen problem? when the battery starts getting too low and the screen seems to be dark, get a flashlight and point it at the screen, if you see graphics then you know it’s a screen problem. This is not a software or driver problem, now how do i know this? Simple, just restart the system in BIOS mode and see if the issue persists and also do the test with a flash light.

Don’t go spending money the way i did, just get yourself a good paper screen. The laptop can be selective of screens, so better give it to a good computer technician to get and replace the screen for you.

Enjoy your PC. Cheers