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You should defenitely shut it down. And put it backwards on some kind of item (like pillow). And leave it there for coupe of days. You should defenitely pray also.

Note: My Macbook Air 2013 11” got out of it. It was slow, until I took ssd out and put it back in. Also, for some time in the year of the accident happened it did not turn screen on either (for me, it did not).

It is kind of russian rulette, if your mac comes out of it. Sometimes it just fails and it does not work.

It '''DEFENITELY''' will not be dry after night. You might wanna put it inside rice ( I have heard, it works, but after it is not  very usable).

'''Leave it for like 3-7 days to dry''' ''(You will thank me, if you do. At least that it should work)''