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Origineel bericht door: Carlos Oulman ,


You will probably not save time if you but a screen without the frame. The process of taking the screen off the frame is a long one if you want to do it somewhat correctly. Yes you can just rip the old screen off but that creates a huge mess (lots of small glass pieces everywhere). The way to get the screen off of the frame is to use a lot of heat to loosen all the adhesive holding the screen onto the frame. When I say a lot of heat, I mean a lot of heat. You will want the device to be basically too hot to touch then use a playing card to start and cut all the adhesive holding the screen on. While you will spend a little more on a screen and frame combo, it will be a much easier repair and probably take you less time as you won’t have to try and take a screen off then put a new screen back on the frame.