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Origineel bericht door: iVolcX ,


Power supply seems damaged


Hi so some time in my hood the power went down and then when it came back on I turned on the ps4 after a while from that and I played kingdom hearts 3 and everything was fine I turned off the Ps4 and went to sleep then when I wake up the next morning I turned on my ps4 but it didn’t not even the blue light nothing no beebs or anything I thought that the power supply was the problem then I checked and the fuse was not working so I bought another fuse with same thing and when I put on and wanted to test it it blown up like thank god my hands was not on ps4 and now I don’t know what’s the problem please any one expert on this stuff tell or I’m thinking of buying another power supply

by by the way my ps4 is the old version the first one


PlayStation 4