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Origineel bericht door: Todd Smith ,


I hate it for you buddy, but I thinks it’s gone.  Like you, I'm not sure what is causing it to continously indicate continuity regardless of the leads even being connected or not.  I think I know what caused it in the forst place though.  I probably monmentarily connected to a circuit intending to measure for voltage but failed to adjust the DMM measurement settings from ohlms to voltage.  It's an easy mistake to make.  I have always heard that it is one of the worst things you can do to one.   I must have been fresh out of luck this time.  My advise to you is not what you would like to hear.  Don't waist your time and money and hopes on trying your troubleshooting skills on a possible fix.  If you somehow did happen to  isolate the problem, attempting a fix is ultimatly going to result  in failure.  That sounds a bit pessimistic but, really, it's not if your goal is to minimize the negative impact of accidently frying your only DMM.  Seriously though, I screwed around with mine for almost a half an hour to no avail.  In that time, I basicly only was able to check out the fuses.  This turned out to be  just pointless  and I might have realized it earlier on if only I had looked at what had happened more logically instead of mourning my lose with false hope.  It’s clear that the fuses were going to be intact.  The beep indicates continuity.  The DMM will not indicate continuity if  this fuse is open.  Remove the fuse.  The beeping stops, but you definatly don't have the ability to measure continuity now though.  More than likely you aren't going to be able to read resistance in ohlms either.   Mine reads dead short with or without leads .  More than likely all  the readings are going to be comptomised.  I wouldn't use it for anything critical.  I wouldn't just chuck it though.  It could still be useful to you.  Clearly lable it as defective.  That way you don't accedentally continue to use it, especally if you replace it with an identical unit.  Blown DMMs are a right of passage in this trade.  I promise, if you continue to delve into all things elrctronic, this will not be the last time you accidentally smoke your valued testing equipment.  Being tired or over worked or trying to rush will cause you to make mistakes.   Always try to work with a major emphasis on safety first and alot of useless misfortune can be avoided.