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Origineel bericht door: Kevin Wind ,


Folks, I have the Vizio 65” D Series and having the same issue “Screen goes black but still has audio”. This happens while using any device, on any HDMI port, as well as the built in Smart apps particularly . I've attempted all of the workarounds mentioned on the  internet including working with Vizio support without resolution. After dealing with this for the past year or more and sifting through countless threads I believe I have finally found a permanent fix. Power draining, factory reset, changing picture mode, has no effect. These are all temporary workarounds on their own. Currently having the picture mode at Standard with Auto brightness off and backlight set to 75% seems to be holding up and have not had the “Blackout” since. This is unfortunate and Vizio should patch this defect.  Let me know if this works for anyone else.