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Origineel bericht door: marc ,


Ok - since i had nothing to lose - my TV was getting darker every day - before i was going to throw it out and call it a day with a NEW Samsung i grabbed a microfiber towel with windex and cleaned the screen .. while i was doing this i noticed 4 screws   - YES sounds odd i know - you could see the screws while cleaning the screen gently .. mhhhh so i went to the back and loosen those 4 screws a tiny bit - then i continued cleaning the screen - i turned on COLOR BARS on my Apple TV and needles to say while cleaning the screen the black “spots” went almost 99% away … i continued this until I was happy with the result - tuned on a white picture (from my Fire TV as a background) and now you can’t really notice the black spots any more … my wife thought i got a new TV - I also reset the TV to factory defaults - there was NO update but once i did that it was downloading something too. FOR NOW i do not need a new TV - I couldn’t lose anything before you throw it out - try it !!!! POST BACK !