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Sorry that you’re having issues, here are the steps I would take:

# Use a voice recording app to really check if the microphone is either blocked or not working properly.
# Check the small holes at the bottom of the device next to the charge port for any pocket lint or dust.
# If you know for sure it’s a constant issue and there is no dust/pocket lint, you’ll most likely need to open the device.
# After disassembly which can be found here: [guide|104605], you’ll need to replace the daughter board, because the microphone sits on that board. The part where he starts working with the daughter board starts at step 13.

#  The part you’re interested in is at 3:02 of this video:, he labels it as ‘sub board’, and I cant seem to find a sub board sold in the US yet.

# Places I can find it are:' .  and . .