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Origineel bericht door: Donna ,


OMG!!! The latch was the issue with mine too!! Yesterday I took the entire thing apart and manually checked if the motor was working, then the pump, then the drain, I even connected the motor, pump, etc. to electricity individually to make sure they weren't damaged and to my surprise they were all working. I thought it could be a fuse, but the machine was turning on, etc. fine. My only options was a technician, new machine or personally changing the motor assembly or the panel...none of these were good options.

Long story short, after putting the machine back together I found this site today and read about the latch issue and said to myself, what the heck, let me see if by closing the door like they say here the machine will actually start washing (it was filling with water and draining before but not washing). So I held up the door firmly against the latch and voila!!! it started washing again. Thank you! Thank you! I just now need to figure out how to permanently fix that %#*@ latch...