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Origineel bericht door: Ryan T. M. Reiffenberger ,


How do I resolve the boot to black screen problem?


We’ve been trying to fix this HP Notebook 15-ac141dx (Touch) device that was received by a client in our area. We have confirmed that all onboard hardware works, and have tried booting with minimal hardware to determine the fail points.

Currently, the device is booting to a black screen. We are able to access the BIOS, manage TPM settings, and select Boot options, but as soon as we select a boot device, it does not work properly. We have tried booting to both an Installation of Windows, a Live Disk for Windows Install, and a Linux Install disk and none of them have yielded a different result.

We additionally tried booting the device in legacy mode to determine if the device has been affected this way. That did not yield any further successful result. We have also reseated all hardware components, and tried booting with the RAM in each slot, with multiple combinations yielding no result.

The whitepage by HP for this device can be found here:[br]

It is important to note that we have noticed multiple physical ‘ailments’ to the device. There is frame damage on the inside, indicating that the device has been dropped significantly, as well as spillage that required cleanup of the hard drive PCB, and the inside of the laptop casing.

We believe that the problem may lie with the spillage, and/or with the shock damage to the mainboard, but we are looking for a second opinion from the iFixit community. Typically we do not want to resort to heavy parts replacement, especially given the resale condition and value of the device, however depending on the client’s desire, it is their decision whether the device should be repaired.


HP 15-ac142dx