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Wow these are some misleading amature Repair answer on this forum. Unless you are a certified tech or have many years actaully Repairs not replacing parts, shouldn't answer. I do motherboard work and I've never had a tv issue that isn't fixable . the only way I've ever replaced the whole LCD Screen itself is if it's completly shattered. I then still pull it apart , =Repair any damages backlights , resolder chips, replace ribbions and etc. Finding a compatible front glass of the layers of the screen can get tricky but it's all just a matter of proper research , self confidence and dedication. If not tech savy with a solder gun or ever messed with a board have a tech savvy buddy lend a ✋ . ///dpluda***563***@***gmail///.\\\com\\\ all one word no symbols I use to avoid spam . need help feel free to message I'll do best to lead you in the right direction.